viernes, mayo 21

Sunday Extreme! HAHA

What can i told you about this day?
it was incredible amazing and so funny!
i never did something like this before.
That day we arrive to johana's house at 11:30 am, I thought the day would be boring because we were only four,so johana's mom took us to buy things that we would need to make the burgers
After that we went to rent a movie, when the movie was finished and we ate all burgers, johana asked us if we wanted to go to his grandparents' ranch
-yeah right-, we responded excited
we got inside the red truck was parked out front of the house with a bucket of popcorn in our hands

enjoy the journey until we reached the ranch, we finally, was a very big farm but only saw a few people living there.

We all got off the truck jumped, and we saw cows, cats, horses, dogs, chickens, calves very funny.
then we started to walk around the ranch, the sun was so hot that I could feel its rays burn my skin, in fact helena told me that I looked red at that time. :P
we trek through that road alone with the sun on us, we finally got back to the ranch and stopped under a tree which gave us his shade, and breathing exhausted we sat to rest

later we went home we immediately drank a big glass of refreshing water, bubbling!!
we sat for a few minutes until the johana's uncle told us if we wanted to go for a ride on bikes
I was so excited, and with no doubt we ran to where the bikes were.
after a while we went touring the city, decided to go into the mud, but what a surprise! bikes got stuck! and had to get off and walk on the dirty and watery mud that we came up below the knee.
From there we went to a dam that was near and we rinsed it out and then we went to the bus station to return to our homes
ahaha that day was so fun! :DD

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